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Still Creeping

Posted: June 22, 2011 by Sean Flinn in Editorial

A few months ago, I posted my ambitious plan to revive this site to its former glory — and begin anew — by this date (June 22nd, 2011), 7 years to the day after shutting it down. Months have come and gone, and I’m really no closer to realizing that goal. I’ve posted some great pieces of archive content, made audio from interviews available for streaming via SoundCloud, and generally settled on formats for content like interviews, album reviews and news posts. That’s about as far as it’s come though.

I think I have a good excuse: less than one month after setting my relaunch goal, my wife gave birth to our twin daughters. Let’s just say that newfound parenthood doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for mining one’s rock ‘n’ roll past, much less creating a rock ‘n’ roll present. I’ll have to continue visualizing the future.

That said, I’m making an effort to get things back on track. Today, at least, I’ve re-posted the final piece of content that Choler v1.0 (actually, I think it was v2.0 at that time) published: an interview with Dresden Dolls frontwoman Amanda Palmer. 7 years later, Amanda has evolved into exactly the force of nature that I suspected she’d become … she’s just done it largely outside of the band that drew everyone’s attention to her in the first place. My not-so-secret ambition is to interview Amanda again in the here and now as the first piece of new interview content once we finally, officially relaunch. Root for me as I try to make that happen.

Expect more archival content and new pieces — reviews, editorials, and such — to start appearing here with increasingly regularity in the weeks and months ahead.

Also, as I post archive content (mainly interviews), I’m going to try and also write up some reflective thoughts on the pieces — sort of director’s commentary — to my personal blog. If you want to dig deeper on anything, just head over there.

Cheers, Internets.