Creeping Back

Posted: March 13, 2011 by Sean Flinn in Editorial

After 4 years or so, I’ve finally decided to resurrect Choler.  I really thought I was just too busy with my day job and family to do this, and thought I could confine my writings about music to my personal blog. What I’ve noticed, however — especially recently — is that I’m reticent to post music-related content to a site that’s not dedicated to it. I constantly want to write quick record reviews, editorials, posts pictures and video from concerts, and occasionally reach out to an artist for an interview … but none of that feels appropriate on a vanity blog. Just a personal thing. So, this morning I finally bit the bullet and relaunched. Welcome back!

The space has changed SO MUCH since I shuttered the site back in 2004. MP3 blogs have been all the rage for years now, with some gaining the traffic and prestige of actual music mags. YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and have made it easy and cheap to post streaming media to sites. Google AdSense has made it possible to actually monetize traffic in an approachable, “I don’t need a team of sales people and an ad server” sort of way.  On the content side, there are more great independent artists than ever — and the ongoing collapse of the record industry has put them all on the road in perpetuity, while the crappy economy has obligated them to become imminently approachable by enthusiast media.  In short, the time is ripe for someone with a passion for music, unending motivation and a modicum of journalistic professionalism to get back into the self-publishing biz. So, here I am.

As far as content goes, I’ve started this out as a basic, free site for the time being (no fancy design or ads or widgets) just so I can get content from the old site converted over and play around with site architecture. That should give the site some meat and help me rebuild some of the search traffic that the site lost in the “wilderness years.” I aim to officially relaunch, with a new design, honest-to-goodness hosting at someplace fancy on June 22, 2011 — five years to the day after I pulled the plug on the original site.   If I *really* bust my ass, I’ll be able to relaunch with a special piece of content to help celebrate.

Maybe by putting that in print I’ll actually get it done.

Anyhow, stay tuned. I’m happy to be back and look forward to sharing my musical adventures with you again.

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